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To democratize access to world-class research by making it more accessible, affordable, and actionable. We believe that research is an art—and that those pursuing it deserve to partner with an artisan.


We are a lean, research-first organization—and we leverage our flexibility to broaden access to world-class research to those who want to do good by the world through studying it rigorously.

Our researchers are guided by their curiosity, honed through years of experience, and a drive to deepen, apply, and disseminate their knowledge on interesting, timely, and important topics.

Every client, and every research problem, is unique. We start and end with this uniqueness in mind. We pursue the best possible methods, tailored to the situation, to arrive at robust insights and solutions.


We serve our clients as fully-invested partners.  When you work with us, you work with specialists who are driven to apply their art to your research needs.

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