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Integrity, Transparency, & Trust

People mistake the core currency of research as being information. It’s not. It’s trust. Our results are worthless if we are not trusted. We gain trust through our integrity: The integrity of our relationships and the integrity of our research. 

Creativity & Focus

Creativity and focus are two sides of the same coin. As researchers, we need to exercise both to be at the top of our game. We believe that providing structure and space to do so is symbiosis at its finest. Technitis becomes the best it can be by giving smart, driven people the opportunities to become the best that they can be. And we are dedicated to helping our people get their by giving them opportunities to exercise their focus and creativity in ways that is meaningful to them.

Embracing Humanity & Empathy

Research is a fundamentally human enterprise. We are human. Our partners are human. Our subjects are human. Our solutions center around humans. We treat everyone with respect and trust as a default. Through empathy we are better partners to our clients and better humans to each other. We value the contributions of our subjects, clients, and partners deeply and strive to continuously earn their trust. 

Solution-Driven Simplicity

We are focused on answering questions not satisfying conceitedness. We avoid superfluous, extraneous, and inessential work. We refuse to let vanity price out our potential clientele.  We try the simple thing first and iterate from there. We arrive at solutions that are as simple as they need to be, but no simpler.

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