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Our Craft

At Technites, we see research as an art and have a strong commitment to its craft. Whether you are seeking to conduct new research, evaluate data that already exists, or take your own research to the next level, we are available to assist you at every stage. 

Custom Survey


From helping design your questionnaire to audience scoping, fielding, weighting, and providing insights, Our team has experience in designing and executing on nearly 1,000 surveys for a variety of audiences in dozens of markets. Technites can design and execute on custom research so that you can learn more and do more with it. 

Workshops and Presentations

Want to elevate the analytics capabilities of your organization? Whether it's providing workshops on particular analytics platforms/programming languages or seminars on topics such as factor analysis or survey experiments, we provide tailored training on various tools and research methodologies to help you and your organization perform at its best.

Tailored Advanced Analytics

Our researchers have experience conducting analyses on behalf of the largest organizations in the nation. We have expertise in a variety of research methodologies including significance testing, factor analysis, regression, clustering & segmentation, structural equation modeling, ANOVA, discrete choice analysis, and more. We partner with you to decide which method is truly the best to get at your core business and research questions and then deliver on those analyses.



Many data professionals spend hours doing repetitive tasks rather than on the interesting and important aspects of their jobs that deserve their expert attention. Our experience in designing proprietary analytics packages can help you automate away as much of the busy work as possible so that you focus on what matters most.

Research Design & Operations Consultancy

It's useful to have a partner ensure that your research design truly matches what  you're hoping to accomplish---and to also help make sure you are using what you've gained effectively. With nearly a decade of performing custom research, we leverage our expertise to partner with you to ensure your research design aligns with your goals so that you can gain actionable insights from your results.

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